You are my motivation

21 Jun

Well blogging yesterday definitely seemed to help me with finding my motivation again..Typing on here is like therapy for me but obviously cheaper.. i spill out what is in my heart and soul for anyone to read but saying what i am actually thinking seems to help.. as does reading back as older posts to see me in the exact same situation but always determined to do something about it..

So yesterday after work i marched into asda to do my weekly shop and came out not spending as much as i thought and with a fridge now full of lovely yummy fresh ingredients. I then set about making a  stir fried veg with pesto chicken dinner.. using Fry light spray instead of oil and reduced fat pesto and oh my gosh it was good and so filling.

So here i am today all determined and full of motivation to get my ass moving over the weekend with some running and workouts ūüôā

Ill let you know how i get on


Motivation needed!

20 Jun

Help! What is wrong with me,.. no matter what i do i cant seem to stick to things for longer than ¬†2 weeks… i lose all motivation and get distracted or side tracked by other things.. this time it was my driving theory test.. at one point i was working out nearly every night and then having to then revise every night instead and now i have passed nearly a week ago and still have not got back into the exercise routine again… god i need a boot permanently up my arse…¬†


Gonna attempt to try something different.. a different time to exercise.. i am going to attempt to do all my workouts in the morning before work.. my boyfriend will say that is not possible as he knows how much i love my sleep but i have to try something..


15 Mar

Well two nights ago I listened to the CD of Paul McKenna’s Hypnotic Gastric Band.. went and lay on my bed so I could be all relaxed and with my head phones in started listening..

Was a little strange at first as he was saying one thing in one ear and another thing in the other, talking to my conscious mind and my sub conscious mind. but before I knew it I felt all light as if I was floating and so so relaxed.. Came round from my trance feeling as if I had a nights sleep..all yawny and stretching yet I had only been lying on my bed for half an hour with my headphones in.

So yesterday with the rules to follow implanted in my head ¬†(only to eat when hungry, ¬†to stop eating when I’m full and to concentrate on my food and chew it well) I went about my day.. I¬†didn’t¬†feel hungry when I woke up so decided to take fruit to work for breakfast.. but found my normal cup of coffee in the morning filled me up so much it actually made me bloated and I¬†couldn’t¬†even drink it all. because of that I¬†didn’t¬†even eat my breakfast until 11:15.. I could only manage half of what I intended to eat..hhmmm weird must be working!

Lunch was pretty much the same.. what I normally would have no problem eating I struggled to eat it all, so as soon as I felt full I stopped.. No snacking during the day, didn’t really think about food much..what I have to get used to though is to pay attention to what i am doing, to concentrate on my food, to not get distracted with work or chatting or my phone.

Dinner Time – full on concentration.. was alone at home until 7.30 so wanted to eat before then and its a good job that by 7 I was really hungry.. tummy rumbles.. ¬†So sitting at the table on my own.. no tv, no radio, phone on silent and out of sight, I paid full attention to what I was doing, put my knife and fork down during every mouthful.. 20 chews each mouthful. and I couldn’t belive it, again i couldn’t eat it all,, this is actually working!

Well I’m sticking to it and listening to the cd again tonight.. will be doing a weigh in every friday morning so I will let you know how I get on ūüôā

Very Sceptical

12 Mar

Yesterday was speaking to a friend about her new purchase.. Paul McKenna Hypnotic Gastric Band book with CD and DVD!!  With me being slightly intrigued about this decided to give it a Google and read some reviews on certain websites regarding it and from people who use it.. to be honest the reviews sound good, in fact too good to be true.

While doing my Asda shop i noticed it on the book shelves staring at me, so bought it.. thought for £7 what have i got to lose.. about from £7.. 7lbs would be better.

So tonight i will be reading the book front to back and tomorrow will be listening to the CD and hypnotically having my gastric band fitted.. still find it funny and really cant see anything changing with me but oh well ill give it a go..

Hopefully with an update soon x

Its working!!

10 Jan

A week since my last post and i have lost 4lbs.. not really¬†exercised¬†as¬†haven’t¬†had much time to do any, but have been on the go since finishing work until¬†I go to bed.

I have stuck to my wheat free / gluten-free¬†shenanigans so I have had no bread, cakes, biscuits etc. and feel so much better for it.. no stomach pains or cramps and no bloating which for me is brilliant ūüôā

Just plenty of veg, salad, meat, eggs, fish etc hardly any diary either

I even managed to eat out which involved heaps from the salad bar and jacket potato with no butter and a small 4oz steak.

So I am mega happy at the moment 4lbs in week is pretty good going when I¬†haven’t¬†done any cardio. ūüôā

Happy New year!!

3 Jan

Happy new year one and all.. i wonder how many people have the same new years resolutions as me this year???


Well I have found myself at the awful stage again.. after Xmas and have gained weight.. wish I wasnt such a yoyo with my weight and wish I had more willpower to not let myself get to this situation in the first place..need to sort myself out and get myself at the stage where I like myself again as at the moment that definitely is not the case..


I have been with my boyfriend a couple of months now and have both gained weight with the contentment of a relationship, going out for meals, staying in with a take away and a drink. So now I’m back at my heaviest again… not my heaviest I have ever been but heavy and big and uncomfortable and unfit and hating the sight of my undressed body.


So here I am the beginning of the year with a list of resolutions as long as my arm but my determination is sky-high. With news of my little sisters engagement so a wedding in the distance I have a target  to aim for..I dont wish to be a wobbly bridesmaid waddling down the aisle.. would love to be all slim and graceful.


Also this year I think I have developed an intolerance to wheat and gluten.. still to get this confirmed with a medical professional but with trial and error with food I have found that eating some food such as bread,cakes, biscuits, cereals, pizza,  pastries are causing horrible discomforts for me and bloating and stomach pains along with other avoiding these types of food is a lot better for me.  so I have been avoiding them as best as I can. I have even tried wheat free bread cakes and biscuits which are not the best to be honest..would rather go without.

So with my positive thinking and targets to aim for, tonight I will be setting myself an exercise plan as well as taking all my measurements again.

New year, new start, New ME!!!!!!

Mini Update

22 Oct



New relationship + contented + going out for meals + nights in with take aways + started jewellery making = no time for workouts and gaining lbs aaarrrrrgggghhh!!

I need a kick up the arse and a bucket full of motivation